Zaruba Fight Night is an MMA event that combines professional sport and world class production to create a truly unique experience

Out of 885 established MMA promotions globally, we are ranked in the top 100


Who we are

Target audience
70% men and 30% women
  • 2020

    year founded
  • 6

    successful events to our name
  • 25m+

    views online
  • 10 000+

    spectators attended
  • 70+

    athletes from 20 different nations have taken part
  • 2

    reigning champions
  • 50+

    team members
  • 8000+

    active followers on instagram

project founder yuriy shypkov

since 2005 successful businessmen in event Industry
Our project founder Yuriy Shypkov has achieved major success in the world of events and business since 2005, having organized over 3000 events from exhibitions, conferences, concerts, festivals, cooperate and private.

In 2020, driven by a new found passion for mixed martial arts, Yuriy had a vision to take the sport to a whole new level and reach a far greater audience than ever before. That vision was Zaruba Fight Night!

Follow your instincts, unleash your inner beast!

Our Ambitions and Vision

We aspire to make UAE the global capital of combat sports. In future when somebody thinks of MMA they'll think of UAE.

We propose to host six large scale events annually whilst broadcasting the fights all over the World in territories such as North America, Europe, UK, India, China plus MENA and CIS countries and other
One of our long-term goals is to build the world's first MMA Arena here in UAE, which will attract athletes from all over the globe to compete at our state of the art facility. The arena will be famous worldwide and will be synonymous with combat sports.

To our event would like to invite Habib Nurmagomedov, Conor McGregor, Khamzat Chimaev as a special guests / famous fighters. And very important to raise future world champions among citizens of Emirates.
Involvement in a big fighting project


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  31. 3000 guests
  32. 2.000.000 views online ( Live on YouTube + Instagram + Telegram)
  33. 15.000.000 views online ( TV cnannels)
  34. 3.000.000 views online ( Streaming platforms)
  35. We are streaming at Dubai, Saudi Arabia, UK, Egypt, India, Pakistan, Ukraine, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Kazahstan, Belorus, Rusia, Gergia, Armenia, Baltic, Poland, Brazilia
  36. Africa + Turkey ( upon request)
  37. Among our guests - CEOs of Inarnational companies, Royal family representatives, hight income level guests from UAE, CIS, Europe, etc, World Champions, Bloggers with more than 3m follovers, celebrieties, Ambassadors.
  38. Media Coveredge - Platinumlist, Virgin, TicketsFy, Time Out Dubai ( instagram and aiport magazine), Rusian Emirates ( magazine and website), SIC Telegram channels ( more than 1.200.000 members ), Khaleej Times, Albayan News, Arabsmma, Screen Paper, Volna, etc
  39. Vision ( the biggest rusian speaking business club in Dubai) , Atlanty ( Russian speaking busisness club ) Board ( Ukrainian business club )
  40. Habtoor Grand Resort socail media and X banner
  41. 7.000.000+ views on Instagram and Facebook during advertising campaign
390k AED
Bonusues for EARLYBIRD

Join us now and become part of a thrilling, engaging and powerful Zaruba Fight Night!

Kill your fear, fight as a lion!